Eco-Friendly Methods To Deal With Rodents

Squeaking of rodents in your home can be very irritating and embarrassing, that’s why their infestation needs to be prevented. The rodents are not only popular for making noises in the home. But also they are popular for spreading harmful germs or bacteria with time. People became very knowledgeable about the harmful effects of using rodent poison and that’s why many people prefer using other DIY methods to do rodent control. In this article, we will share some eco-friendly pest control services methods to deal with rodents. Just follow them and do rodent control in your home.

Rodent Control Services
  1. Use rodent traps: Rather than using rodent poison you can use rodent traps for rodent control. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to deal with rodents. The rodent traps are easily available in the market. And they are very affordable to buy, hardly it will cost you around $10 to $20. All you have to do is to place the trap in the area where you notice their behavior frequently, keep checking. And once they get trapped, just release them somewhere out away from your home. So, that they will not turn their back on your home.
  2. Electric shock mat: Using an electric shock mat of low power will also work for getting rid of rodents. Many homeowners prefer to use it for rodent control as it makes rodents run away from there. They don’t have to do anything more for that. So, you can also prefer using an electric shock mat and the shock waves are not so detectable. You will not even be able to feel the shock but it will do rodents control very efficiently for you. Just install them and get yourself freed from rodents. Do keep in mind that like all other pests, rodents 
  3. Use ammonia as a rat repellent: Yes. Rodents just can’t tolerate the smell of ammonia as its odor reminds them of the smell of the urine of their predators, so, ammonia is an effective way to control rodents and you can rely on it. Mix ammonia with a cup of vinegar, then stir the mixture properly, after that spray it on the cotton balls and leave it on the areas that keep coming, you will be able to see results as soon as you try it.
  4. Use peppermint as a rodent repellent: Rodent control includes the use of peppermint, it is one of the most effective methods on which you can rely. Just mix a cup of water with some teaspoons of peppermint oil and spray it on the cotton balls, then, leave it on the areas where you notice their behavior highly. This method is adopted by many homeowners. You should also give it a try.
  5. Cook something spicy: Well, it is recommended by Ethical Treatment of Animals that rodents don’t like spicy things, so you should cook spicy things which will work as a rodent repellent.


Thus, these are some of the eco-friendly methods of rodent control. You should rely on the above tips and try them to knock rodents out of your home.